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The 2009 K-9 Trials were held at Century High School on August 8. Police K-9 Teams from Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Newberg-Dundee, and Springfield police departments and sheriff's office teams from Lane, Multnomah and Washington counties competed against each other for bragging rights!

-- Photo used with permission of Peter Morris. Your Sheriff's Office took the following awards: Fastest Dog - 1st Place: Deputy Kent Wimberley and Sig Fastest Dog - 2nd Place: Deputy Ryan Garrick and Hudson Box Search — 1st Place: Deputy Wimberley and Sig Vehicle Extraction - 3rd Place: Deputy Wimberley and Sig In addition, several impressive awards were taken by other agencies. In the Top Dog competition, 1st place went to Lake Oswego, 2nd place to Hillsboro, and 3rd place to Beaverton. Congratulations to all participants and a big THANK YOU to all who attended this exciting competition . . . we will see you next year!

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

Back to top No, Really, I'm Telling the Truth! How Lie Detectors Work Have you ever been listening to someone and just know they were lying to you? Sometimes your intuition alone can confirm a tall tale, but other times it is not as easy. People often deceive others to avoid uncomfortable situations. Be honest now, have you ever seen a newborn baby and told the parents "he's so cute" when you were secretly thinking otherwise? Maybe you complimented your spouse's cooking . . . right after forcing down that last bite. People also deceive others to avoid trouble with authority figures, such as police officers or their parents. When people are deceptive it causes physiological changes in their body, and that is what polygraphs measure. Polygraph equipment, or "lie detectors", in fact cannot detect lies, but rather they detect whether a person is displaying deceptive behavior. Polygraph Examiners at your Sheriff's Office assist criminal investigators by discerning whether a victim, witness or suspect is being deceptive. In most situations, only two people are in the room during a polygraph examination, questions are prepared in advance, and the goal is to determine whether the person's point of view is credible. These expertly trained professionals work hard to ensure an objective examination. Learn more.

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

Back to top Washington County Hate-Killing Remains Unsolved Lorenzo Okaruru, also known as Loni Kai Early in the morning on August 26, 2001, a body was discovered in an overgrown field on SW Farmington Road near SW Rood Bridge Road. This is in Western Washington County. The body was a viciously beaten woman who died of severe blunt force trauma to her head. Detectives soon identified the person as Loni Kai, the name used by Lorenzo Okaruru, a transgendered woman. Detectives believe someone killed Loni at a different location, and then moved her body to the field. (Throughout this article, we will be referring to Lorenzo by his more familiar name of Loni out of respect for the life he lived as a female, and to draw the attention of readers who are most likely to know and recognize Loni.) Loni was 28 when she died. She was 5'9'' tall, about 130 pounds, with brown eyes and long black hair with a red tint. Loni was raised as a girl most of her life. Her Oregon identification card bears the name Lorenzo Okaruru, but indicates a gender of female. She was wearing women's clothing at the time of her death. Your Sheriff’s Office participates in a program that places the photos of Cold Case homicide victims on playing cards. Crime Stoppers pays for the decks of cards, which we sell to inmates for about $2 per pack.

Loni was at the Golden Fountain lounge on SW Canyon Road that evening. Later, she was walking along TV Highway near Murray Boulevard. Around 2:00 a.m., Loni was seen talking to a woman at the 7-Eleven near Tualatin Valley Highway and Cornelius Pass Road. At 3:30 a.m., a Beaverton Police Officer contacted Loni near 141st Avenue and Tualatin Valley Highway.

Detectives worked many tips in this case, and desperately want to solve it. They speculate that someone who thought he was picking up a woman became enraged to find otherwise and killed Loni. They believe the person likely had to call someone to help move her body. A medium sized SUV may have been present when the body was taken to the field. There may have been some blood involved in this case. A $4,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. If you have any information, please contact Detective Sergeant Mike O'Connell at (503) 846-2594.

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

Back to top Expanded Jail Visiting Schedule Social and Professional Visits - Effective September 1 In an effort to stretch budget dollars during the economic downturn, the Washington County Jail implemented a new staffing schedule. Normally having fewer deputies available would mean fewer visiting hours for the public and professional visitors. However, thanks to innovative ideas from our jail staff, we implemented a series of schedule changes to meal times and other programs, so we are actually able to increase the number of available visiting hours from 36 to over 49 hours per week! Professional visitors may still contact Jail Administration to request special appointment consideration at (503) 846-2798. Thank you for taking time to review the updated schedules for social visits and professional visits.

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

Back to top Property and Evidence for $ale -- $ave Now! Now that we have your attention, do you ever wonder what happens to unclaimed property and evidence stored by your Sheriff's Office? Our property room maintains about 61,000 items of property that are held as evidence in criminal cases or for safekeeping. Each month, we receive about 1,200 new items and we release or dispose of about 1,200 stored items. Once the cases are resolved, and even after we notify the legal owners, much of it goes unclaimed. So then where does it go? Normally, the property would be itemized, transferred to the county surplus warehouse, and then be sold at auction. However, due to the sheer volume of items, we had to find a more cost effective answer. Our research led us to contract with a private online auction Packaged evidence stored by the company called, Inc. Sheriff's Office. is a highly reputable company that receives unclaimed property from law enforcement agencies and posts it for auction via the Internet. Unlike Craigslist and EBay where each item sold is by different owners, is the sole owner of all the items. Aside from saving hundreds of hours annually in staff time, there are other benefits to the Sheriff's Office and its citizens. The obvious one is that we receive a percentage of the sales price for the items sold at auction. Also, if a person discovers their property listed for sale on the site, will return it to them. Finally, when items do not sell, the company either destroys them or donates them to charity. Check out the latest items for sale at You just might find a treasure!

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

Back to top Multiple Arrests — Great Team Work About 5:20 a.m. on August 2, 2009, Deputies are dispatched to Catlin Gable School on SW Barnes Road. A caller reports the school alarms are going off and gives the description of a person loitering near the donation and rummage building. The area is contained with the help of both graveyard and day shift Deputies - Beaverton Police also assisted. They discover and interview two suspects whose stories are full of holes. One is a well-known convict responsible for several home burglaries. Deputies locate a third suspect, and the person who made the 911 call is able to identify him. This suspect has drugs in a backpack, so detectives obtain a search warrant for the continuing investigation. The suspects also have burglar tools and skeleton keys for stealing cars. The three suspects are arrested initially for theft and trespass: Jay Taylor, Emalee Baker, and Marcus Mathews.. By now people are getting out of their houses and going to work. Calls start coming in to the 911 center -- numerous cars have been broken into in the area. The investigation continues. Great teamwork by everyone involved, especially the caller who alerted law enforcement!

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

Back to top Recent Headlines You Can Run, But You Can't Hide On July 16, Deputies from your Sheriff's Office traveled to California to take Juanito Ray Garcia into custody for shooting James Kenney in Rock Creek on October 14, 2007. Mr. Garcia is charged with Attempted Aggravated Murder, Assault I and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. Mr. Kenney survived the shooting. DUII Driver Sentenced for 2008 Crash On July 27, the courts sentenced a DUII driver for a crime that occurred a year ago. With a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit, Paul Conklin crossed the centerline on SW Scholls Ferry Road and struck a motorcycle rider. The motorcycle rider suffered injuries that led to the amputation of his leg. Mr. Conklin was sentenced to 70 months in prison on multiple criminal charges. Gunshots in Bethany At 1:30 a.m. on July 17, a Deputy on patrol in Bethany heard 5-6 gunshots and immediately responded to the area where he believed the shots originated. Joined by others, he performed an area check and found nothing suspicious; dispatch had received no calls from citizens. However, later that morning, three homeowners reported gunshot damage to their houses. The houses were located in the 17900 block of NW Elk Meadow Lane, the 5800 block of NW Samuel Drive, and the 5000 block of NW 180th Terrace. (View a map of the area.) Deputies recovered .45 caliber bullets from two of the homes. This is a very unusual crime for this neighborhood and detectives are continuing the investigation. Please call (503) 846-2700 if you have any information regarding this case. Collision on NW Germantown Road On August 20, deputies responded to a head-on collision on NW Germantown Road between NW 185th and NW Kaiser Road. An eyewitness to the crash stated that a Volkswagen bug traveling at a high rate of speed crossed the fog line and then overcorrected and crashed headon into an oncoming Dodge minivan. Several Good Samaritans pulled the minivan driver from his vehicle and tried to resuscitate him without success; the driver of the Volkswagen had already succumbed to her injuries. Man Follows Girl Off Tri-Met and Assaults Her in Bethany On August 17, a man began flirting with a 17-year-old girl on a Tri-Met bus. She did not want his attention. He followed her off the bus at NW Springville Road and NW 173rd. She asked him to leave her alone, but he continued to follow her and offer her alcohol. The man grabbed her roughly around the waist and when she resisted, he punched her in the face with a closed fist. She ran into her house and called her father who came home, located the suspect, called 911, and left before deputies arrived. Fortunately, deputies were able to find and arrest the suspect. Rodolfo Claudio-Marquez is charged with Assault IV, Harassment, and Sex Abuse III; he also violated his probation on methamphetamine charges. Other Sheriff's Media Releases You May Have Missed Regional Sheriff's Offices Step-Up School Zone Enforcement Next Week -- Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington, and Yamhill counties to conduct increased School Zone patrols WIN Team Arrests Four, Seizes Drugs, Gun, and Cash -- Detectives observe drug transaction Crash Closes TV Highway for Hours During Evening Commute -- No charges filed Three Flags Seat Belt Blitz Kicks Off Next Week -- Proper seatbelt and child restraint one way to prevent injury or death Two Men Arrested for Having Sexual Contact with a Twelve-Year-Old Girl -- Both charged with Measure 11 crimes One Man Dies, One is Injured in Motorcycle Crash -- Up to 18 motorcycles were riding in a group near Henry Hagg Lake Woman Arrested After Poisoning Daughter with Morphine -- Previously convicted of similar charges

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

Back to top Dumb Crook In the early morning hours, our four dumb crooks hatched a plan for a little fun. They flew their coup and went from Hillsboro to Aloha, launching eggs from their moving vehicle. Dispatch received reports for more than an hour as these chickens inflicted pain and damaged property. Citizens were boiling mad, and police scrambled to locate the suspects. A deputy spotted the suspects, cracked the case, and arrested our eggbeaters. It turns out that these four "adult" men had poached the eggs from a local Winco store. We hope the judge shells out an appropriate punishment. Eggcellent work by all involved!

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

Back to top This Month's ''Most Wanted'' Michael Silas Information Removed is a white male, 25 years old, 6'02'' tall, 200 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He is wanted for failing to appear in court on a show cause order. He has previously been convicted of Theft I, Harassment, and Contempt of Court. Mr. Silas is from Hillsboro. Details

Do not approach these individuals. If you see them or have information, call the Sheriff's Office Records Unit at (503) 846-2700, or non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111.

(Vol_5 Issue_9-September, 2009)

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CALEA Accreditation The Washington County Sheriff's Office is proud of its national accreditation as of July 1, 2004, by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The Sheriff's Office is reassessed every three years by a new team of inspectors. Our most recent reaccreditation was effective July 1, 2007.

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